Lethal Social Media Blunders Every Marketer Should Avoid – PART 2

It’s a universal truth that social media is the key to virtually all sort of communication in the 21st century. LinkedIn provides rich employment data, Facebook and Instagram give marketers with detailed demographic information and Snapchat makes it easy for any marketer to share geographically targeted ads.

So, it’s really no wonder that many brands have built successful businesses thanks to social media. That being said however, there are many others who have struggled to connect with their target audience online, often because they make one or more of these costly social media marketing blunders.

1. Underestimating the power of video

According to a report by Social Media Examiner, video content is one of the most important forms of content. The reason video it’s so popular with the typical social media marketer, is because it effectively engages followers. A report by Hubspot showed that 55% of people “thoroughly consume” video content, proving just how engaging it is.

2. Treating each social network the same

Social media networks aren’t identical, and it’d be a fatal mistake to treat them as such. Different people use different platforms, and expect to see different kinds of content on each. For instance, it would be very odd to see a social media post about an open position on Instagram, but on LinkedIn, it would be apt. A marketer should choose a few social media forums and attempt to master each one in order to recognise what kind of content works best on each network.

3. Assuming younger employees ‘get’ social media

As a rule of thumb, younger people tend to use social media platforms more frequently. But this doesn’t automatically imply that the youngest person on the marketing team should necessarily be entrusted with building a social media strategy.
Social media marketing should be treated like other channels that comprise your company’s marketing mix. A strategy should be built around what your team comprehends about your target customer profile. Competitive analysis should be conducted to see how you can best differentiate your brand voice. Then a savvy social media manager should be entrusted to materialise such ideas and bring this plan to life.

4. Focusing solely on organic social media

Paid social media can be an operative way to rapidly boost target metrics like followers and engagement. Better yet, paid social media can serve as a complement to an organic social media strategy that’s already working. If, for instance, a social media manager has come across some content that relates to followers organically, it might make sense to increase the reach of this post through paid means.

5. Not training employees to become social sellers

Each employee in your company has the ability to engage with prospects and customers by means of social media. Since employees are already using social media for personal reasons, it would make sense to train them to connect with likely customers through social media too.

It’s a fact that social media networks will continue to grow worldwide. As targeting options become more influential, they become a progressively captivating network for the marketer in question. An astute marketer should be sure to avoid the snares outlined in this article to be successful. Moreover, they should approach social media networks with a clear understanding of what the goal for using the channel is and, ultimately how the goal can and will be accomplished.

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