How to Create a Killer Marketing Strategy

There are certain criteria that a marketing strategy has to meet to be considered as an effective plan that’ll produce conversions. Although it seems to be easy to tell a successful marketing plan apart from a plan destined for failure, we see mistakes being made all the time. In the following article, we’ll take a look at the general framework that a successful marketing plan follows.

#1 Discover your market

It’s a universal truth that it’s impossible to please everybody. Trying to do this could potentially damage your business rather than benefiting it. This is why you should narrowly define your target market. You can do this by targeting your audience through demographic and/or geographic segmentation. The trick is choosing, dividing and then conquering.

#2 Keep your product in mind

Choose the product that you want to market and explain what that product does and why your audience should buy it. This goes hand-in-hand with tip #1, since after choosing your market, you can specifically promote your product to your targeted market.

#3 Make your specific plan measurable

The little details lie in what pushes your marketing plan forward. Everything should be quantifiable, ideally in numbers and statistics. The plan has to show the progress of every activity so that it’ll be easier to measure ROI.

#4 Constantly revise and review progress

A marketing strategy is a planning process rather than a static approach. With an ever-changing market, the goals must be reviewed and revised regularly. As a business owner, you should sit with the team in charge of your marketing and see what’s working and what needs to change.

#5 Assemble an incredible team

Creating a killer marketing strategy all begins with a great team. To create an effective plan, there must be a multi-departmental and multi-disciplinary team in action. This means that you have to find a group of individuals who are compatible and go beyond their areas of expertise.

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